Site Planning & Subdivision Consulting

Site Plan Survey, (aka Lot Survey or Plot Plan Survey)

A combination of boundary and topographic surveys for preparation of a site plan to be used for designing improvements or developments, and obtaining government building permits.

Architectural, building and site engineering planning

Building planning, site engineering services.

Subdivision (Major & Minor)

• Lot Line Change
• Partioning Maps
• Yield Maps
• Condominium Maps

Also known as a “Subdivision Plat”, it is the subdivision of a tract of land into smaller parcels, showing monumentation and mathematical survey data on a map, conforming to local municipality (usually County) ordinances.

The subdivision process ensures that a project is on a legally subdivided lot that has proper space for certain kinds of development and the required utility easements and roadways.

Specific subdivision considerations include the shape of a site, lot and/or tract size, circulation, street layout, drainage, grading, and floodplan concerns.

In addition, subdivision projects are reviewed to address any environmental concerns that may arise. These include water quality, tree, vegetation and habitat maintenance and the protection of critical environmental features.

Also utilities are planned for in the subdivision process. These considerations include the extension of transmission lines, distribution of water and wastewater lines or on-site service.